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Things to Know About Madison Elementary

Madison Elementary School is located on the West Side of Janesville, Wisconsin (just off of Court Street as you are traveling west on Hwy 11) sharing a city block with Franklin Middle School.

We are proud to offer a variety of opportunities to enrich our learning community. Madison Elementary School is a Title One School. We are truly thankful for all of the outside staff and volunteers that enhance the curriculum as well as the lives of our students each day!

The school first opened its doors to students and staff in 1965. Madison Elementary currently educates nearly 315 students from Pre-K through Fifth Grade and employs 62 staff members. Our mascot is the panther and our colors are blue and white.

Madison Offers:

  • A Family Resource Center that provides information as well as programs on a variety of topics.
  • A YWCA After school program that provides after school care for our students at Madison Elementary each night from 3:00 - 6:00 p.m. This program is currently suspended.
  • Lego Robotics Club.


Madison Elementary History:

  • Madison School opened its doors to its first eager students on August 30, 1965. 634 students, grades K-6, attended the brand new school on that first day. The largest enrollment was in the first grade where six classes were needed. Mrs. Cynthia Keene, Madison School’s first principal, had the honor of greeting these students.
  • President James Madison contributed much to the development and stabilization of our country’s young, struggling government. His policies encouraged national growth. It is fitting that Madison School (named in his honor) was built at a time of rapid growth for Janesville and its school population.
  • Madison and its "twin", Jackson School, were built at a combined cost of $1.7 million. Madison School was considered the residential school and Jackson School was the rural twin. The general contractor for this building project was T. S. Willis, Janesville. Madison was planned as a modern, well-equipped, functional school, flexible enough to meet the demands of the 1960’s and future years.
  • Madison School was designed to accommodate a wide variety of educational activities. Its 24 classrooms, gymnasium, multipurpose room, library, and administrative offices were filled with new innovations and conveniences. The classrooms were designed for team-teaching as Janesville was one of the first in the state to develop this method of teaching. All classrooms faced outside. There were water fountains in each classroom. The multipurpose room served as an auditorium and cafeteria. It has fold out cafeteria tables built into the walls. The gym had a built-in record player. The library was even carpeted. The 6 acres of playground were divided into 3 separate areas. Each area was for a different age group.
  • To accommodate changing needs, the school has had some minor renovations. The largest being the expansion of the library to include two adjoining classrooms. This area became the I.M.C. (Instructional Media Center). 
  • When Madison School opened, Mrs. Cynthia Keen, stated that “Our school lives, and has its being. Children have brought it life and here they live, learning and playing, in this new school provided for them by their community.” Madison School lives and children will learn and play here for many more years!